Meeting Saturday Aug. 9th

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Reminder the groups monthly meeting is this Saturday 9am at the Cameron Public Safety Building. Hope to see you there.

Field Day 2014

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Here is a picture of the setup today at the Plattsburg Fire Department this weekend.

Capstone Exercise June 19th 2014

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Members of the NWMO, LIVINGSTON, CALDWELL  ARES have begun setting up for the exercise this morning. Operators are in St. Joe, Kingston, Chillicothe, Trenton, MO at the Red Cross Shelters and EOC’s. Our plan is to pass messages between all 4 locations to supplement existing comm’s. 

We will attempt FLDIGI, WINLINK (rms express) and Voice to accomplish our goals. We should begin around 9am and finish around Noon.


CRMC Work Day

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On Saturday June 14th after the groups monthly meeting, KG0CX, KD0VWC and KC0QLU installed ground rods on the tower at CAMERON Regional Medical Center, ran coax and Cat5 cable to the new station location, moved the Tri-band vertical and had the WINLINK node back on the air. The node is on 145.090 and it’s ID is WD0SKY-10 for anyone that would like to try it out. If you run into issues please constact kc0qlu (at) nwmoares (dot) org.We are grounded! WD0SKY-10 is ON!

Operators Needed April 26th – 27th

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I met with the City of Plattsburg Police and event coordinators of the event and here is what they are needing:

Saturday 4/26
7:30a Safety/Event meeting at Perkins Park Entrance

8am – 5pm

3 operators to be at 3 parking lots to coordinate shuttle bus pickup and drop off. Locations to be assigned at meeting.
2 operators to to ride in the shuttle bus to coordinate current locations and comm’s if assistance is needed on the shuttles

Sunday 4/27

Same times/ locations/ operators

These positions will require a reflective vest and handheld radios along with ID’s.
I will be watching the weather and so far it looks OK but a lot can happen between now and Saturday so proper attire and situational awareness will be key. I would like to have the 2 operators in the shuttles to have APRS with an external antenna so we can track the locations of the buses at the mobile command post. (This is NOT a requirement but just a goal I have set) The guys at the 3 lots don’t need APRS just a handheld should be fine but if you have an external antenna that would be a plus.

I know this is short notice but hey, this is what a real event would be like. Little notice and our skills will be needed.

I won’t be able to be there on Sunday as I have a “In Memory Of” event to be at in KU Med Sunday afternoon.
Please RSVP to me ASAP so I can let the event coordinators know that we will be there.

Missouri QSO Party Update

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2 members of the NWMO ARES® Group will be operating the Missouri QSO Party on April 5th and 6th this year using Special Event callsigns. The callsigns used will be WØM and WØO, both stations will be Roving around the entire NWMO Area for the event. Look for them in a county near you!

Interested in joining our “Expedition” or working the QSO Party? Go to or on Facebook, look up Missouri QSO Party page and “Like” it for up to date info”


ARRL Centennial QSO Party Schedule

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February Meeting This Saturday the 8th 9:00a

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Hope to see everyone there. Remember membership dues are due and we have several things to cover.

Meeting January 11th 2014

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The first meeting of the new year is this Saturday January 11th 2014. Topics for this meeting to include, Electing new officers, Membership dues, Osborn repeater update, Tower donation, EOC work, Cameron Hospital station work, and many more. Hope to see everyone there to start the new year off right!

ARRL Centennial QSO Party 2014

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