Monthly Meeting Feb. 11th 2017

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Reminder of the club meeting February 11th 9am at the City of Cameron Public Safety building.
Please remember to park across the street in the gravel lot so we don’t block emergency services from responding to calls.

Winter Weather Jan. 12-16th

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With the winter weather forecast for the next 3-5 days this is just a reminder for everyone to monitor local repeaters as well as 146.52 simplex for any assistance that may be needed.

For up to date list of repeaters that are linked in the NWMO area please see the Frequencies tab of the website.

Also for those with HF radios it would also be a good idea to monitor 3.963 LSB for any state-wide emergency and/or assistance needed. The back-up Daytime frequency is 7.263 LSB.




WIRES-X on Plattsburg Repeater

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Thanks to a donation from a couple members we now have WIRES-X available to those using WIRES-X capable radios. The repeater is in AMS mode so analog users are still able to use the repeater. As of now the node is set to the NWMOARES-ROOM so that other nodes and rooms can connect to it.


If you have WIRES-X capabilities feel free to try it out and report your experience. We plan to have a demonstration at our meeting Jan. 14th at the Cameron EOC to show how it works.


Several members have been successful in linking to other nodes. There are now 3 WIRES-X repeaters in the NWMO area.

Walk 4 HD Operators Needed!

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The NWMO ARES Group has supported for the last several years the WALK 4 HD in Liberty, MO. We are looking for more operators to assist again this year. It is Oct. 8th at the Liberty Community Center in Liberty, MO and begins at 7am and is usually over by 12:00p. Requirements are a reflective vest and a handheld radio. This is a very easy event and no traffic control is needed. There is a live auction after the event as well as silent auction and raffles.

If you can assist with this great cause contact kc0qlu at nwmoares dot org.


Osborn 2M Repeater Antenna

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NWMO ARES® member, KC0QLU, met with the tower climbers today at the Osborn tower site. They replaced the 2M antenna with the new antenna the group purchased last year. This puts the repeater back on a DB224 antenna and should put it’s coverage back to what is used to be. Please feel free to try it out and send signal reports to kc0qlu at NWMOARES dot org.

The 2M frequency is 145.150- pl 107.2

Hurricane Watch Net Active

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For more info see the Hurricane Watch Net Website at:
Hurricane Watch Net Activation Plans

(UPDATE: Thursday, September 1, 2016 11:30 AM EDT – 1530 UTC)

Due to poor propagation on 20 meters, the Hurricane Watch Net will begin operations on 7.268 MHz at 11:00 AM CDT – 1600 UTC. Operations on 14.325 MHz will continue for as long a propagation last. To clarify, the Hurricane Watch Net will be operating on both 14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz at 11:00 AM CDT – 1600 UTC and remain in operation until further notice. Any change to this plan will be noted on our website, and the amateur radio media.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Bobby Graves
HWN Net Manager

Big Bam Day 2

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Quick update for Day 2. Caldwell County ARES, Livingston ARES and operator KC0QLU at the Region H MACC provided comm’s and SA for the event as well as hydration to riders from 6am to approx. 4pm. Great job by all involved and looking forward to Day 3.

Big Bam Day 1

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Just a quick update and thank you to all involved with the Big Bam ride today. Operators from MoValley ARC, NWMOARES and Caldwell county volunteered over 175 man hours today alone! We still have 2 more days of operations!

Temporary IGATE Plattsburg

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In an effort to increase APRS coverage for the upcoming BIG BAM Bike Ride, a new IGATE has been setup in Plattsburg to hopefully port the stations along the route to the internet so the MACC officials can see the progress and locations of key resources. This IGATE may become permanent if it appears to do a service to the area.


Also those of you running APRS in our group can set up a message group called “WD0SKY*” and when messages are sent to WD0SKY everyone will receive them at the same time without messaging each person separately. Feel free to try it out as the EOC in Cameron is setup to receive 24/7. Any questions feel free to post here or email KC0QLU at NWMOARES dot ORG.

BIG BAM Bike Ride Operators Needed

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Just finished up with the Region H & B MACC exercise for the Big Bam bike ride coming up next month. 3 operators from the area were there to participate. It was a great success and we learned a lot about what our role will be for this event.
First of all thank you to WD6BGN and K9PDQ for their help. The event coordinators will very pleased with what we were able to accomplish.
We are looking for more operators for the event especially those with APRS capabilities. This event starts in Saint Joseph and ends in Hannibal. This is a multi day multi county event so the more help we can get the better our support for our communities we can provide.
If you are available to help reply to KC0GP at (gpease3 at aol dot com)
The website for the event is for dates and times and maps.
We have frequencies already in place and locations are coming together so the more operators we have the more location we can cover.