Meeting Saturday 8/8/2015

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Reminder that the club’s monthly meeting is this Saturday at the Cameron, MO PD building.

Repeater update, Need more Net Controllers, City of Saint Joe EMA opportunity, Region H net time, are some of the things that need discussed.

Hope to see everyone there!

Field Day 2015

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Setup at the Plattsburg Fire Station will be at 10am Saturday and we plan to operate the full time running on generator power. Feel free to stay all night or as much as you can, there is plenty of bandwidth for everyone! There will be at least 2 screened in tents for operating in.


See you there!

Plattsburg Repeater Antenna Replacement Complete

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Thanks to several people the Plattsburg 2M repeater now has an improved antenna and so far reports have been very good as far as coverage and signal quality. The new System Fusion repeater from Yaesu is doing quite well at 20W. Feel free to try it out and send reports to so we can get a feel for coverage area and audio reports.

The repeater is NOT linked and is functioning as a stand alone repeater until we get the controller interface ordered and installed. This may take 3-4 weeks to arrive so any weather nets will be conducted on the other 3 linked repeaters; in Osborn on the 2M and 70cm and on the Kingston 70cm.


Antenna Work Plattsburg and Osborn Repeaters

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Members will be replacing antennas at Plattsburg and Osborn repeaters, weather permitting, on Friday 5-1-2015 at 3 pm. If you are available to assist come on by. There is always a need for ground control. We have 3 climbers so a few guys to help with ropes and setup would be great.

New Yaesu Repeater ON the AIR!

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Our Yaesu System Fusion repeater is installed on the Plattsburg repeater! It is set to AUTO on receive and FM FIXED on transmit until a few more people get digital radios.We have it set at 20Watts for now as we test it out and if all goes well we will probably set it to 50w. It is hearing very well but at 20w its not transmitting as far as it receives but until we see how the system works we dont want to mess things up. Battery backup will be installed today and later we will put it on an external controller. We are not connected to the other NWMO ARES repeaters yet so please keep that in mind should severe weather nets be held.


Technician Class in Cameron

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There will be a Tech class offered in Cameron at the Municipal Building in the
meeting room where we hold our monthly meetings.
5/2 – 9:00 AM Saturday
5/6 – 5:30 PM Wednesday
5/9 – Monthly meeting at 9AM ( all students encouraged to attend)
Class after meeting about 10:00
Test Session at 3PM

No Cost for the class, test session is $12.00

For more information or to enroll, contact George KC0GP

Technician Class offered in Chillicothe

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Click this link for more info.

Group Approved for a New Sytem Fusion Repeater!

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Our group was approved to purchase a Yaesu System Fusion repeater as part of their promotional event. We should have the new repeater in the next couple months as Yaesu is on a backlog with this program. This new repeater will do both C4FM DIGITAL, and analog so no one will have to change their radio setup to use the new repeater. For info visit YAESU website and look up System Fusion for details!

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Monthly Meeting Jan. 10th 9am

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Reminder that the NWMO ARES® Group meets this Saturday 9 am at the Cameron Public Safety building.