Emergency Net

The NWMO ARES® Group holds weekly nets on Sundays at 8pm. All amateurs, regardless of club affiliation, are welcome to the net.  This net is used to maintain operating proficiency, as well as communicate upcomming events and hazzards.

This net is also activated during severe weather, and other emergencies where area wide amateur communication is needed. Emergency nets can be opened and ran by any amateur radio operator that feels like life and/or property is being threatened and that running a net will prevent or lessen the impact of the event. While we do have emergency net pre-embles to use as guidelines, there is no reason to not run the net if those are not available. If you are not comfortable running a net but feel it is neccessary please contact KCØQLU at 816-866-0724 and/or make a call on the repeater for assistance.

Nets are held on the KC0QLU repeater in Plattsburg, and linked to the WD0SKYand NOSWP repeaters in Osborn, as well as the KC0GP repeater in Kingston.


All repeaters have battery back-up systems in place should a power outage happen.

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